This unit begins with Lesson 1 Applied Chemistry, where students will have the opportunity to solve problems similar to those that a chemical engineer would experience. Students will make and test the characteristics of ice cream or yogurt. Then they will make and test the qualities of glue. Finally, students will clean up an oil spill. Lesson 2 Nanotechnology will teach students how to manipulate objects at the nano scale and how material properties change at this scale. Students will identify how nanotechnology impacts electronics, materials, manufacturing, energy, environment, health, medicine, national security, and space exploration to name a few. In Lesson 3 Applied Physics, students will identify simple machines and determine their appropriate use and mechanical advantage. They will learn about energy, energy conservation, and potential and kinetic energy by designing, building, and testing a model roller coaster. Students will then learn about systems and subsystems and have the opportunity to create one of the following products: Rube Goldberg device, Dragster, or VEX Amusement Park Ride.