This unit begins with students learning how to create and use an engineering notebook. They will use the engineering notebook throughout the GTT course. Students will complete one of six career activities. The course provides one career activity option for each of the six units. In Lesson 1 What is Engineering? students learn the steps of the Design Process and how to use the Design Process to solve problems. Lessons 1 and 2 of this unit should be the first course material covered with students, regardless of what unit is taught first. In Lesson 3 Measuring, students practice using historical and current techniques for measuring in both metric and customary systems and are introduced to precision measuring tools. Lesson 4, Sketching and Dimensioning, teaches students to identify and create thumbnail, perspective, isometric, and orthographic sketches and to dimension them correctly. In Lesson 5 Designing for Production, students use Autodesk® Inventor® to learn how to create 3D models.